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HOUSENG High Precision Smart Double Rotary Knife Paper Sheeting Machine HSC-1500S/1700S/1900S

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Modle of cutting paper Double rotary sheeter
Reference weight of cutting pa 150-1000GSM
Max.roll diameter 1800mm(71”]Max
Max. paper cutting width 1500mm/1700mm
Total power 107Kw
Cutting length range 400-1650mm
Cutting accuracy +/-0.15mm
The request for air compressor 0.8MPa
Weight 28000kqs/31000kgs
Overall Dimension L18241xW5900xH2540mm

1.HSC-SS series double knife sheeter adopts advanced design of synchronic rotary which are driven directly by high power AC servo motor with high accuracy and clean cut.

2.And using our patent with embedded cutting head design, that its cutting cross profile is straight and not pulling out fibers, this is key point to eliminate hairs of paper. Widely used for cutting cardboard, coated paper, Kraft paper, culture paper, art paper, duplex, packaging paper etc up to 1000gsm.

3.HOUSENG machine is dedicated to produce sheet cutter, Products are well used and verified by almost all top cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging customers, and promise their is no risk for long term running of your products in future. Consider this kind of machine to improve quality and save cost, To improve efficiency.

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Technics Of Equipment

According to HOUSENG MACHINE, are mainly used for paper cutting in Paper Mill, Printing House and etc.

Mainly process, including: Unwinding—Feeding—Cutting—Conveying—Collecting .

Cutting Unit

The double KNIFE cutting unit has a synchronic rotary cutting knife
like scissors on the material to make a smooth and accurate cutting
for paper from 150gsm and up to 1000gsm.
The knife roller is using the most powerful driver from UK CT.
Precision rotary sheeter groove is processed by
imported advance processing center with high accuracy and stability,
High quality gear box, using no clearance design gear.
which guarantees the stability of the tool body during high-speed operation,
completely solve the problem of scratches and light spots,
after cutting the edge is neat and smooth, clean cut.
 Double Arm Unwind stand with web tension controls and pneumatic brake units.
Adopt Italian RE control system and pneumatic components
are adopted to guarantee the stable operation of the
brake control system and the accuracy of every aerodynamic action.
Three sets of MAXCESS pneumatic slitting knife ensure stable and clean slitting,
High rigid tool post article can be applied to 400cut/min speed environment,
improve the production efficiency and ensure the material quality stability.
 Electric control part

Adopt German imports of Siemens PLC and UK OF CT servo drive control system,
make the operation more convenient, automation,
cutting length, number and the total number of finished products, etc.,
can be directly in touch screen input.
High efficiency and energy saving of high power CT servo drive rotary knife shaft,
and cooperate with the energy storage tank,
effectively reduce electricity consumption,
improve the efficiency, reduce the production cost.
Transportation parts

Patent device-A precision structure can adjust the synchronous deceleration wheel,
easy to operate, it is effective to protect surface of paper,
so there will be no scratching on surface,
and also will not have the facula whenever speed is high or low.
 Automatic splicer (optional)

High performance automatic splicer is twin-head automatic paper machine.
The control system is from Taiwan with the features of long service life,
high flexibility, and automatic splicer as soon as the
imperfect broken paper is sensed,
easily for operation for 100 to 500 GSM papers.
Slitting & trimming knives automatic change (optional)

The slitting & trimming knives are rapidly automatically changed
by through a pair of smart and precision mechanical hands,
which can greatly improve your production efficiency
and its production performance on the frequent size changes of paper.
According to different cutting requirements,
It can be coordinate with different knife type to form a
different cutting solutions for different cutting requirements,
such as electronic knife, automatic type,
manual type, Siamese type, press-cutting type, etc.
 Automatic logistics system:

Tray chain conveyor mainly adopts five row straight plate chain transport,
motor driven design, its function is to achieve linear material transport,
ultra-low transport. A series of pallet chain conveyors combined in series with
each other have realized the long or short distance linear conveying of
materials according to the region and process design.
Modular design, high degree of standardization,
flexible process arrangement and adjustment,
the equipment is basically maintenance-free.
Intelligent tray placement

Six degrees of freedom industrial robot is a general robot,
the shape of the robot is tight All joints are installed with high-precision reducer,
high-speed joint speed can carry out flexible operation, can carry out handling,
palletizing, assembly, injection molding and other operations,
with flexible installation mode. Reasonable design fixture,
simple structure, convenient maintenance.

Main Technical Parameter



Type of cutting

Twin knife, Top blade and bottom blade rotary cutting

Paper weight range

150-1000 GSM

Reel stand load capacity:

2.5T (option 3T-4T)

Reel diameter

Max 1800mm (71")

Cutting Width

Max 1500/1700/1900mm (66.9")

Cut off length range

Min.400-Max.1650 mm

Cutting accuracy


Max. Speed of cutting


Max. Cutting speed  


Delivery height



AC380V/220Vx50Hz 3ph

Total power



The real output depends on the material, and the weight of the paper, and right operate process



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